• and the streetARt layer can open your eyes to the public art, graffiti, tags, sculpture and uniquely individual mailboxes all around you - no matter where you happen to find yourself.
  • See art all around you by holding up your phone. Overlaid on the real world you'll see photos of the artworks with information about them and comments that other streetARt users have added. will help you find all kinds of hidden creative treasures.
  • And if you find or even create new artwork in the real world then you can take a snap with your phone and upload it to for other people to discover too. Simple as that!
  • Now this ephemeral art form can become more permanent. We all know streetARt changes over time. Some are part of temporary exhibitions, some get removed by local councils and some get modified or painted over by other streetARtists. Imagine if you could see all the different pieces of streetARt that have been in the place you are standing. Now you can!
  • And we don't just rely on our streetARt community to take the photos - we also show you photos of public art from Flickr that have been geo-tagged and Creative Commons licensed so there is always something fresh to find from thousands of cities all over the world!
  • The streetARt iPhone app is proud to use the new Layar Player from to bring the art in your streets to life.
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